Winter Greenhouse Construction

The concept for our greenhouse originates with Carol Ford’s book “The Northlands Winter Greenhouse Manual“.  We also incorporated some designs from Paradox Farm.  I highly recommend the book if you are interested in building a deep winter greenhouse

We started with some excavating and sinking posts into the ground.

Digging post holes
Digging post holes, Sept 1st

The greenhouse is attached to our wood shed and you can see the boiler pipes coming out the side of the shed.  We could not go deeper in the ground without moving the wood boiler pipes.

Dirt Work
Dirt Work, Sept 3rd 2015

We boxed in the area that will hold the thermal mass (rocks).  The bottom layer of our thermal mass is salvaged concrete pieces from an old silo.  This ended up working well since we were able to drive on it with our bobcat without causing ruts in the dirt.

Rock bed prep
Rock bed prep, Sept 4th 2015

We lined the inside of the rock bed with insulation and on the outside of the rock bed we added insulation at a 45 degree angle.  The drain tile is perforated and is meant to channel hot air through the rock bed.

Drain Tile In Place
Drain Tile and Insulation In Place, Sept 4th 2015

We were able to use the bobcat to move the rock into place.  We used 1.5″ washed rock.  The bobcat saved hours of work!  We used bracing to keep the posts from moving while the rocks were being added.  We ended up with about 14″ of rock on top of the concrete from the silo.

Rocks in the bed, Sept 4th 2015

All the rocks are finally in place and we closed up the perimeter.  The black pipe sticking up will eventually tie in with a pipe collecting hot air in the peak of the greenhouse.

Rock Bed Complete
Completed rock bed, Sept 4th 2015

We covered the rock with landscape fabric and then added dirt to finish the floor.  Now we are ready to start on the walls.

Dirt Floor
Dirt Floor, Sept 5th 2015

The first wall to go up was against the wood shed.  We used 2X6 lumber to build a 12′ wall.  Part of the reason for the 2X6 construction was to facilitate using wall insulation that we already had on hand.  We have posts going up to support the peak of the greenhouse which is at 14′.

First Wall
First Wall Up, Sept 5th 2015

It was really fun (NOT) adding the boards that run along the peak.  We placed two 2X10 boards running along the peak which support the roof.  The boards on the angle are 2X6 which will support the polycarbonate panels.

More walls
More walls, Sept 7th 2015

By the end of the day we had the roof framed and ready for metal sheeting.  We used 2X6 boards with 2X4 purlins on top.

Framing the roof
Framing the roof, Sept 7th 2015
Framing – different view

We extended the wood shed roof to make a walkway into the greenhouse that is sheltered.  We are ready to sheet the walls!

Roof is On
Roof is On, Sept 12th 2015

Enclosing the greenhouse with OSB.

Sheeting the walls
Sheeting the walls, Sept 12th 2015

We were able to re-purpose insulation from another building.  All the insulation in the walls is 6″ with 12″ in the ceiling.

Insulating the walls
Insulating the walls, Sept 19th, 2015

We decided to sheet the ceiling with white metal sheeting due to the moisture that we expect in the greenhouse.

Sheeting the ceiling
Sheeting the ceiling, Sept 19th

We special ordered the polycarbonate sheets so we could get 10mm 6X12 sheets.  We have 4 sheets on the long angled side.

Polycarbonate Goes Up
Polycarbonate Goes Up, Sept 21st 2015

Whew!  Twenty-one days ago this spot was fenced in for critters.

Winter Greenhouse January Update

The winter greenhouse is nearly 1/2 full of rain gutter planters that each sport a host of tasty greens.  It is quite glorious to fill a planter with soil and seeds while the weather outside is cold and snowy.  On a sunny day the greenhouse is a tropical paradise that defies the cold.

Greenhouse Planters
Greenhouse Planters

Growing has been slow during the grey days this December, but things have picked up with the sunny days in the last week.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the flavors of the baby greens where salad dressing seems out of place.

Baby Greens
Baby Greens

It has been fun learning the ropes in the greenhouse.  I’m about ready to start garden planning and thinking of what veggies I can start in the greenhouse.  Just think, it is only 53 days until March : – )

Greens in planter
Greens in planter