The Winter Greenhouse

Many of you already know that we are working on a deep winter greenhouse.  The shell of building has been completed.  Ryan has the ventilation fan hooked up to help cool off when it is sunny.  The passive solar heat system is completed.  We still need to install exterior siding and do something on the interior walls which are currently just plastic sheeting over insulation.  It still needs work, but is technically functional.  Here are some pictures.



Someday I will detail how we built the greenhouse, but not today : – )  Today I’m planning to setup some temperature monitoring in the greenhouse.  I have 10 temperature probes that I can use to track how the temperature is changing.  I also wrote a program that will record the temperatures so I can analyze it later.  Yes, I am a geek.


Here is a picture of my setup for testing the probes.  Each probe has a DS18B20 temperature chip enclosed in a stainless steel tip with a few feet of wire attached.  I bought a pack of 10 on Amazon for about $18 – what a deal!  The nice thing is that you chain all the probes together.  Each temperature chip has its own serial number so you can request the temp from each one.  It is really cool!

I found a sample program online for interacting with the chips using a DS9490R 1 Wire USB adapter.  I modified the program to capture the temperatures to a chart and then log the temperatures to a file everyday.  It seems to be working in my test environment so I’m going to put it in the greenhouse today.  I’ll post an update when I have it all working!

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  1. Thanks Kim. Ryan said you had probes to monitor the temps. I wonder what the probes will read this winter. Trusting it all works well. Interesting blog.

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